In the initial years, the child’s brain undergoes major development at a rapid pace. With an aim to incorporate maximum learning at this stage, we have constructed a unique curriculum for our Early Years Program(EYP) students of Toddlers, Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG. The tiny tots of our EYP classes hold enormous talent waiting to be sparked through just the right push that they need.




At BPS we strive for:


  • Educational Excellence – Teaching that is reflective, responsive and enables all students to reach their full potential.
  • Leadership – A culture of shared, affirmative school leadership that empowers others.
  • Collaboration – Collaboration that optimises harmonious, respectful relationships.



At BPS we value:


  • Success for every student
  • Respect for others
  • Ongoing academic, physical, emotional, moral and social growth
  • Diversity

We aim to achieve this through:


  • Learning for excellence and achievement that is responsive to the needs of our students;
  • Collaboration that optimises community partnerships;
  • A well-resourcedACADEMICS, nurturing and stimulating learning environment; and
  • A culture of shared school leadership that empowers a cooperative, engaged staff.

In keeping with our motto Our Best we endeavour to provide the best possible education for each child who attends our school, ensuring they develop a broad range of skills to enable them to develop responsibility for their own direction and to adapt to a changing world.



This is reflected through our school’s beliefs which recognize the importance of:


  • Providing positive learning experiences;
  • Promoting relevant innovations to enhance learning;
  • Accepting the abilities and individual needs of each other; and
  • Providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment for the school community.

We are committed to developing the values we believe are critical to producing the best possible outcomes for our students:


  • There is a commitment to team work;
  • Honesty and integrity are imperative for improving performance;
  • Effort is recognised, skills & ability developed and initiative encouraged; and
  • Our school’s rich history is respected and nurtured.

BRILLIANT PUBLIC SCHOOL aims to foster and strengthen links between children, staff, parents and members of the broader community through:


  • Two way communication focusing on student progress and educational programs;
  • Community involvement that will enrich the educational program; and
  • The provision of opportunities for involvement in school decision making.

The community spirit and strong partnership between parents and teachers have seen our School go from strength to strength.

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